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How to make your eCommerce website convert better

The homepage of an eCommerce website is like a shop window display. Every product is wishing to be there but you only have limited space, so think of the homepage as your storefront. This is the place where you invite, convince and grab your visitors attention.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your eCommerce website convert better:

Use a search box

Make your search bar present on every page to tag along with the visitors as they explore your homepage. If they are at the bottom of your page, don’t make them scroll all the way up to find the search box. If you don’t have enough space to prominently display the search box, make it expand dynamically.

Have a persistent shopping cart

A persistent shopping cart keeps track of the items the shopper has left in the cart and saves that data for a length of time. As always, analyze often to see what’s working and what isn’t. Done right, a persistent cart should play a key role in increasing overall conversions.

Display popular partners and brands

Even if you are a new brand or your brand is not so widely known yet, you can still present your famous partners’, brand names your do business with. This will be another exercise in enhancing your credibility.

Have a sale section

Gather all or at least a good selection of the discounted products on your homepage, and line those up in a separate section that’s dedicated to them.

Offer flat rate or free shipping

High and over complicated shipping charges are a leading cause of cart abandonment, and no shipping charge is what shoppers’ dreams are made of. Have an easy to follow shipping structure, which makes business operations easier for you and for your customers.

eCommerce businesses that offer flat rate or free shipping have a number of advantages over those who don’t.

Offer live chat support

Having a live chat option on your eCommerce website is a valuable investment as it helps addressing user confusions and doubts instantly and many of these visitors end up in the sales channel. If you are thinking efficiency in customer service, think live chat and guide your reluctant visitors.

Encourage Sharing

After a customer purchases one of your products, you can ask them to share a photo of it in the confirmation email and include a few social sharing buttons to make it easy for them – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They’ll be excited to share their new favorite product with their family and friends, and that product will get more exposure online, which could result in some extra sales for your eCommerce business.

Give important info in top banner

Studies confirm that the top left section of any website grabs maximum user attention. Say something important as the top bar catches the attention of the visitor. This is also a great place to add promotions, seasonal discounts to your online store.

Answer frequently asked questions

Every visitor to your website has questions — lots of them. Whether or not the visitor is able to articulate these questions in his or her mind is irrelevant. The questions may be conscious or simply reside somewhere in their subconscious mind. If your website doesn’t address or adequately answer those questions, the visitor will hold onto a feeling that something is not quite right. They may not know what it is, but it will be enough to prevent them from taking the final step to becoming a customer.


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